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This is the collaborative Web site of the EMILIE Project.

The EMILIE Project (Enhanced Multi-Ionization of short-Lived Isotopes at EURISOL) is a project selected through a call for projects launched by the European network of funding agencies in Nuclear Physics (NuPNET).

eurisol nupnet

This project will investigate two technologies of ion sources (ECRIS and EBIS) to optimize their performance for radioactive ion beam charge breeding at future Isotope Separation On Line (ISOL) facilities. This work should benefit to SPIRAL upgrade, SPIRAL 2, HIE-ISOLDE, SPES and EURISOL projects.

EMILIE is funded by four European funding agencies:

The next EMILIE  workshop  will take place from March, Monday 21st (at 2:00 pm) to March, Wednesday 23rd (at 2:00 pm) at GANIL, Caen, France.

More details about the workshop can be found on the following link :